There are any number of reasons why you may wish to engage a consultant and where I believe I might be in a position to work with you:

- If you need to develop a high-quality HR project or proposal, but can't dedicate sufficient time or resource to get it done

- If you lack the experience in-house to deliver an HR intervention to the standard required within the available timescale

- If you want an external perspective or a thought partner to support you in a major HR project

- If you are new in a senior HR role, and want an experienced mentor to help you deliver in the new role

- If you need help in supporting someone who is leaving your organisation (outplacement services)

Over the years I have found that the following approach works best for both the organisation and the client and so this would be the approach I adopt if you choose to work with me:

- Each assignment is treated as unique and the solution proposed will therefore be bespoke

- We shall agree clear outcomes up front, with agreed reporting lines and timescales

- That said, things change, and so I shall work with you to adapt as things develop and change

- Cost structure will be transparent and agreed up front

- My role is to support you to deliver, not to build up my own part!